Tuesday, March 6, 2018


 I will make this as short as possible. I want to offer my apologies for the lack of content here at spare coin. I just haven't had time to write plus writing on my mobile phone is next to impossible. We had a house fire December 30 2017 and we lost 90% of our belongings. We are slowly rebuilding but a new computer is not very high on the priority list if at all rite now.

If anyone is interested in guest blogging here in my absence contact me at spareco.in1@gmail.com or direct message me on twitter @unstable_logic.

As soon as I get the chance I will get some new content up. I am also working on some new ideas to transform spareco.in into something more than just another crypto blog. If anyone has web design experience and would like to work with me on this project just let me know. If there is anyone that would like to donate some crypto to help facilitate our recovery efforts let me know in the comments below.

While your waiting for new content check out SwiftDemand.com and read the white paper. It's about a 10 minute read.