Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Strategy for Claiming Bitcoin & Litecoin Faucets

Thank you for your support.
  When you first start claiming faucets Your just clicking/tapping your way through the advertisements Then you see the pattern it has been there the whole time. Well, congratulations its time to make this a little more profitable. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands you can't sit in front of your computer or tablet 24/7 clicking through advertisements. My god that would drive anyone insane and probably unhealthy for you too also not too mention sounds like work.
First, you got to understand how faucets work. To be simply put nothing in this world is for free. Faucet owners get paid to show you advertisements and pay you a small amount of crypto for your time and hope you will click an ad. That amount only goes up when the number of views does. They have a good estimate of how much they will make that month.so a percentage of that gets rolled over to cryptocurrency. Some FO's will replenish the crypto, some will not till the next payment from the advertisement agency like this one.

 FaucetHub Is a great place to start cashing in on faucets. FaucetHub has a chat room just by chatting you have a chance to gain random coins that are in the form of  "rain" but do read the chat rules first. To get you started we are going to use, CoinPOT.win (Update: CoinPOT.win has reopened under new ownership and has agreed to pay out all balances.)  because he has multiple coins including Bitcoin & Litecoin.

I do NOT recommend using micro wallets for long-term storage. The safest wallet is an offline wallet, paper wallet or a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S. When you sign up with FaucetHub you have to have your own Wallet Address for the coin you're going to claim. I like Exodus for the desktop and Coinomi or Jaxx for the android.I have not used mac or apple.
For this purpose, we are going to stick to just two Bitcoin & Litecoin but you can apply this to any of them it is very simple. find faucets through faucetHub for the coin you want. Test the faucet over a few days before adding to your must claim list. Look for ones that have pools instead of a set amount to claim. although don't rule out set amounts if they pay well. Look for faucets that have high balances. Some faucets give bonuses for clinking links before claiming.
Once you have your faucets picked out. go to coinmarketcap.com. Watch the price go up and down all day. It is very volatile. When the price is up you will claim less than you will get when the price is down. As you get better at claiming these two you can add more facets or coins to your list. You can also apply this to my beginners guide found here. Yes, its that simple.